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Autonomous - Ultimate Goal

Here are our three autonomous scenarios for the Ultimate Goal challenge.  Our robot successfully saw the correct number of rings and scored the wobble goals accordingly.

MyBlocks Explained

Some of our former FLL members decided to make a helpful tutorial about Gyro Steering and MyBlocks.

Spaceotics? Final Research Project - 20/21

Here's the final project presentation (video due to COVID restrictions) of the 2020/2021 season.  Great job!  We can't wait to play Park Adventure!

Team Interviews 2020/21

We decided to interview every team member and share what they had to say with others - specifically for our Live Stream tournaments to give our Drive Team a break in between matches.

Robot Reveal - Artemis

Be the first to see our competition robot, Artemis.  Get an in depth look at some of her features.

Compass Award Winner - Brandon

The Compass Award is one of two awards you can submit a video for.  Here's the video the team made about Brandon.  It won at our tournament!

Artemis 2.0,
Rules, & Strategy

Artemis has changed since our last tournament - get a closer look.  Plus we'll guide you through a few of the rules and our strategy.

Promote Award

The Promote Award is another award you can submit a video for.  The theme of this year's video was:

Why does FIRST® work?

Autonomous 3 - 21/22

Here's a third autonomous program.

Autonomous 2 - 21/22

Here's a second autonomous program.

Autonomous 1 - 21/22

Here's one of our autonomous programs.

Promote Award - 21/22

Here's the Promote Award we made for the State Tournament.  We took 2nd Place!

Introducing the

Here's a fun little video we made for our season kickoff.

Thank You
Love Creamery

After COVID shut us down Love Creamery donated a bunch of ice cream to the team for a virtual end of the year party.  What a great way to celebrate!

Past Videos

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