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The Devildogs

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The Devildogs started up in 2016 with Mike Keller as Head Coach.  In the first few years students learned a lot about what it takes to design and build a robot as well as programming and time management.  After Mike's retirement in 2020, Patrick Mulcahy took over as Head Coach (having previously served as Assistant Coach in 2019).  In the summer of 2021 the team decided to expand its robotics offerings and started the process of organizing into a 501(c)(3).

The Devildogs have been nominated and won numerous awards both at Qualifying Tournaments and State Tournaments.

Meet the Team



Charlotte is a sophomore this year, and this is her third year being on the Devildogs team. She joined the team after being encouraged by her friends, and really enjoyed it. On the team she does Presentation, Notebook, and is the Drive Coach. Outside of robotics, she loves choir, theater, crocheting, and more. 



Lily is a sophomore this year. She was on an FLL team for two years, then joined the Devildogs five years ago so she could gain new robotics experience.  Lily’s roles on the team are Build, Drive Team, and CAD. Outside of robotics Lily likes to read, play lacrosse, play fantasy football, and spend time with her friends and her rabbit, Piper.



Micah is a freshman this year. He was on an FLL team in elementary school, and then joined the Devildogs in seventh grade. He is on Build, CAD, and Drive Team. Outside of robotics he likes to read, do Scratch, and hang out with family and friends.



Greta is a sophomore this year. She spent 2 years on the First Lego League team, the Fireballs, in elementary school. She then joined the Devildogs in 6th grade to continue her robotics experience. Greta’s roles on the team this year are Presentation, Marketing, Notebook. Outside of robotics, she plays the viola, paints, reads, and is in orchestra.



Maddie is a sophomore this year. She was on a FLL team in elementary school and then joined the Devildogs in 6th grade. Her roles on the team are Notebook/Portfolio, Presentation, and Marketing. Outside of robotics Maddie loves to play the violin, dance, and hang out with friends and family.




Ian is a sophomore this year. This is his 7th year in FIRST robotics. He spent two years on an FLL team, and now has spent the past five years on the Devildogs. This year, his roles on the team consist of Programming, CAD, and Drive Team. In his free time he likes to read, play video games, play baseball, and more.



Mason is a sophomore. He joined the Devildogs in sixth grade, and has been on the team for five years. His roles on the team are Build, CAD, and Wiring. Outside of robotics he likes to hang out with friends and family.

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