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Robotics Programs

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FLL Challenge

Grades 4-8

Teams collaborate to build and program an autonomous robot to score points on a thematic playing surface (the Robot Game) and create an innovative solution to a problem correlating to the yearly theme (the Innovation Project), all guided by the FIRST® Core Values.  These elements make up what is called The Challenge.

The theme of The Challenge changes every year and is based on a real-world scientific topic.   Past challenges have included topics such as space, nanotechnology, biomedical, climate change, recycling, and transportation.

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FLL Explore

Grades K-3

Designed for kids grades K-3, teams work together to discover how science and technology impact the world around them.  Guided by adult coaches, teams work with LEGO elements to build a motorized model and create a Show Me poster related to their research of a yearly theme.  FLL Explore captures the interest of our youngest learners.  Join our team today!


Grades 7-12

Teams of up to fifteen students collaborate to build and program a robot that competes on a 12’ by 12’ field.  Each year the challenge is designed to challenge students to think critically and expand their knowledge of the engineering process.

This team-based, hands-on, competitive robotics program provides challenging and exciting learning opportunities for young people.  It develops teamwork and leadership skills and promotes excitement in science and technology.

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